Upholstery Repair

Interior Damage Repair and Replacement For Carpet, Torn Seats, Sagging Headliner And Arm Rests.

Today’s car owners expect their cars to be a place they can relax and be comfortable. Unfortunately, the more comfortable you are in your automobile, the more it becomes prone to wear, tear, and accidents.

Car Pool Detail will fix and maintain your interior upholstery, no matter what the material, texture, or color. Car Pool Detail can match and repair, replace, or recover leather, vinyl, or fabrics in almost any color and pattern.

Bring your automobile to Car Pool Detail for a quick, free consultation, job estimate, plus inform you how long the repair will take. Some repairs like headliners and driver seats may require leaving your vehicle with us for a day or so, but other fixtures may be removable. We will call you when the fixture has been installed.

Let Car Pool Detail give you an estimate for the following upholstery services.

  • Stain removal.
  • Leather cleaning & conditioning.
  • Repair and replacement of interior trim, door inserts and seats.
  • Repair leather damaged by cigarette burns, tears, pens and scuffs.
  • Replace sagging headliners.
  • Carpet and Padding Replacement.
  • Arm rest repair.