Transmission Repair in Chesterfield, Mechanicsville and Henrico

Through a complex organization of mechanical moving parts, the transmission sends power from the engine through to the gears that drive the wheels of your vehicle. Each component that makes up the transmission system on any car, truck or SUV must be kept in good condition in order for your vehicle to function properly. The professional auto repair experts at Car Pool Detail are specialists in providing accurate diagnosis, repairs and maintenance for transmissions with services that include:

  • Computerized transmission diagnostics
  • Transmission repair and rebuild
  • Transmission inspection
  • Transmission fluid flush
  • Transmission filter replacement
  • Manual transmission repair services

Experienced Transmission Mechanics

When you’re in the market for a reliable auto mechanic to look after your vehicle’s transmission, we know that your top priority is finding a shop with the experience to help you when you need it. All sorts of problems can occur with your transmission, and you need to know that your mechanic can handle them.

We are proud to be the professional team you can count on for all your transmission repair needs. Our team is made up of experts who have years of success working on vehicles of all kinds. We screen our employees to ensure that they are properly trained in all the best methods, with the outstanding experience you can rely on for your vehicle. Every member of our team is licensed to work on your vehicle and has years of successful experience – that’s why you can trust us.

Don’t take your vehicle to someone who can’t guarantee excellent repairs. Contact our team to book the premier transmission repair team.

Transmission Trouble Signs

Some transmission repair problems require extensive servicing, while others need only minor adjustments. Since the transmission is so essential to a vehicle’s basic functioning, diagnosing the problem of such an intricate system requires experience and skill. Car Pool Detail experts recommend visiting our location if you experience any of the following:

Your check engine light is on

Whenever an engine light starts popping on and off for no apparent reason at all, it is usually a sign that there something is not quite right with your car. Whether it be a default with your system or something more serious like a transmission trouble signal, it’s best to be safe rather than sorry. Our professional mechanics will look over your vehicle, making sure there isn’t anything serious going on. If there is a major problem we will do our best to resolve it quickly for you!

Grating, buzzing, clicking sound when you shift gears

Strange noises means something is wrong! A lot of motorists make the mistake of ignoring clicking, grating and buzzing sounds, assuming it’s nothing serious. These sounds are a sign that your transmission is not running properly and that it needs to be taken to the shop for an inspection!

Slow acceleration

If your car is not running at a normal speed or it feels extra sluggish no matter how hard you step on that gas; it means your transmission is not functioning as it should.

Vehicle doesn’t move when gear shift is placed into ‘drive’ or ‘reverse’

Sometimes signs of transmission failure pop up in very subtle and bizarre ways. One of them has to do with gears. Some drivers assume that this means there is a technical glitch but in reality it is a major sign of transition failure.

Here are a few more signs to look for:

  • Difficult shifting gears – Stuck gear shift
  • Gear slipping
  • Fluid leaks beneath your vehicle
  • Whistling or buzzing sound
  • Burning smell from transmission fluid

Fast Turnarounds for Your Transmission

There are many perks to working with our team of auto mechanics. Aside from the quality of our repairs comes the promise of quick turnarounds. Our years of experience ensure that you will never be without your vehicle for long.

We're motorists ourselves. We know that no one wants to be stuck without a vehicle. When you bring your vehicle to our specialists, you never have to wait any longer than necessary. We’re efficient with all our services, performing inspections, diagnostics, and repairs with speed and precision.

After assessing the situation, we will set a manageable time frame for the repairs. Depending on the problem with your transmission, a repair will vary, as we may have to wait for a part to arrive from a supplier. We’ll always keep you up to date on the expected time of completion – you’ll never be left wondering.

Many jobs can be completed in a few hours! Even if they take longer, you’ll never find a shop that will work as quickly as we do. Never worry about delays or uncertainty; we’ll have your vehicle running smoothly again in no time.

Honest Rates on Transmission Repair

Although your top priority is always on getting safe transmission repairs, a close second in importance is the price of the repairs. Many mechanics will overcharge for their services, looking to profit from your vehicle’s problems. We don’t do this. We’re honest and open about our rates. Nobody wants to pay more than they have to for last-minute repairs, after all. Rest assured – with us, you’ll never find yourself paying more than you need to at our shop.

We price our services fairly, but it's not just our manageable rates that save you money. The quality of our handiwork ensures you'll see many long-term benefits from our repairs too. The long-lasting nature of our work will keep you from having to spend money on repairs again any time soon.

To get a quote for your transmission repair, bring your vehicle in for a quick inspection! After a diagnostic, we’ll be able to let you know how much a repair will cost.

Contact Car Pool Detail for Transmission Service

There are many possible reasons for the source of a transmission repair problem. Any of the signs listed above should not be ignored in order to avoid more serious damage. Most transmission problems can be quickly repaired with early detection. Car Pool Detail will inspect your vehicle and provide you with a complete assessment and clear explanation of your options for restoring the transmission on your car, truck or SUV. We invite you to visit us at our location or to contact us by phone or email.