Paint Touch Up

Minor chips and scratches?

We fix those every day. We find your factory paint code, mix a small amount of paint, and apply “just enough” so you don’t see the “blob” or “scar” that you’ve seen on bad touchup repairs. Our paint is permanent, genuine automotive paint. It won’t fade or wash away.

Since most vandalism damage is on the top surface of the clear coat, most key marks and scratches will buff out; however, deeper scratches or scratches that have been neglected for a long time before being repaired, may have removed the base-coat (the colored paint beneath your outer clear paint). Usually, we can touch these marks up with a small amount of paint, but if the damage is exceptionally deep, exposing metal, or is 3 inches long or longer, the repair will can bee seen close-up. But most touch-ups can only be seen up close within 6 inches or less. From a normal viewing distance, we can improve minor paint damage for about 70%-90% of what a repaint costs. It’s a great value.

Henrico Scratch and Chip Repair

Common Repairs.

  • Rock chip touch up
  • Road Rash
  • Nicks
  • Door edge chips
  • Rust Spots
  • Bumper Scuffs
  • Touch up of small (less than 3 inches) scratches.
  • and more!

Car Pool Detail’s 3-Step Paint Touch-Up Process:

  • Locate paint code - Usually in your door jamb, trunk, or on your radiator support.
  • Mix paint - We use a computer with factory data to find your car’s formula and mix 1 oz. of paint.
  • Apply accurately - A fine-tipped brush, squeegee, flow pencil, or syringe is used depending on the size and location of the damage.

Major bumper damage?

We have a Bumper Repair Service that’s usually half what a body shop charges.