Paint Issues

Paint damage? We may be able to “rescue” your car.

More than 80 years of automotive paint engineering has created durable, robust automotive paint, but in spite of that, time and Mother Nature make professional help necessary. But before you run off to the body shop, remember Car Pool Detail has detailed thousands of vehicles and letting us rescue your paint finish saves you hundreds of dollars on a new paint job. We’ve seen every possible paint problem and we never “guess” at the solution – we know the solution.

  • Water Spots – Although spots caused from “water” may sound harmless enough, those caused from lawn sprinklers, washing your car with well water, and rinsing your vehicle without drying, can leave spots heavy in mineral deposits that do not easily wash off your glass and paint. Car Pool Detail safely removes water spots, and polishes your paint back to a brilliant finish.
  • Acid Rain – The result of natural sources like volcanoes and decaying vegetation, as well as man-made sources like chemical plants and industrial factories with high emissions of nitric and sulfuric acids caused from fossil fuel combustion, acid rain is the result of these gases reacting in the atmosphere with water, oxygen, and other chemicals to form acidic compounds that are then deposited on your vehicle. You do not have to live near a manufacturing plant to experience acid rain. It can travel on the wind and in rain clouds for hundreds of miles. It may also arrive in the form of fog, mist, dust, smoke, and snow. Known in the automotive coatings industry as “environmental fallout”, which may also include decaying insects, bird droppings, pollen, and tree sap, acid rain leaves etched marks on the horizontal surfaces of your car like the hood, top, and rear trunk, usually after the drops have dried. Most prominent on dark-colored vehicles, frequent washings followed by hand drying seems to alleviate the problem, while many protective coatings claim to protect the original finish. Some say acid rain etchings are permanent, but Car Pool Detail technicians can remove or at least improve the acid rain damage with the right combination of products and techniques.
  • Swirls – Caused by improper washing or buffing with heavy wool pads by inexperienced technicians, Car Pool Detail combination of professional expertise, products, tools and techniques can correct this common problem.
  • Clear-Coat scratches – Thin as saran wrap, clear-coat is the outer protective layer of your paint finish. It rarely has any color pigmentation but is loaded with UV blockers, and provide depth and gloss to your automotive finish. It also protects the base coat from weather and harmful UV rays. Clear coats require special consideration because they are susceptible to scratches and swirls which tend to become magnified in the transparency.
  • Oxidation – If your automotive paint looks faded and the paint has lost its gloss, it is probably caused by oxidation. Although your Clear Coat protects against oxidation, it does not prevent it. When the Clear Coat has been neglected it becomes vulnerable to oxidation, turning the surface dull or chalky looking. Before getting an estimate on a complete paint job, let Car Pool Detail technicians restore Clear Coat to a brilliant shine. Ninety percent of the time, Car Pool Detail technicians can restore your paints natural gloss with a multiple stage buffing, polishing, and protection process.
  • Over-spray – Over-spray is fine mists of airborne paint that land on your vehicle’s surface. Car Pool Detail uses a combination of safe products, tools, and cleaning processes to safely remove any unwanted paint from your vehicle.
  • Asphalt, Cement, Road Tar and Paint – Watch those newly paved roads! They throw tar, asphalt, fresh cement (often still wet) and center line road paint (made with glass particles to reflect at night), onto your vehicle, splattering the rocker panels, the sides of the vehicles the fenderwells, and the tires. Car Pool Detail can remove contaminants using the proper chemicals and professional techniques.
  • Tree Sap – The problem with tree sap is that it is so darn gooey! Made of water, hormones, minerals, nutrients and sugar that eats through your clear coast to etch the paint, is very difficult to remove when hardened. Car Pool Detail technicians use special tools and chemicals that will not harm your paint surface.
  • Graffiti – Let Car Pool Detail remove graffiti off your paint, chrome, plastic trim, and glass without dulling or damaging your paint.
  • Artillery Fungus – These tiny, sticky black or brown spots found on the paint surface of your automobile look like bug droppings but are often misdiagnosed in the detail industry as tree sap. They are really scaly spores called artillery fungus or shotgun fungus and when exposed to bright light, they burst, emitting a sticky liquid rivaling Super Glue. Because these spores are light-sensitive, you are more likely to notice them on reflective white or silver vehicles.Non-corrosive, artillery fungus causes millions of dollars in cosmetic damage and is almost impossible to remove. The longer it remains bonded to the paint surface, the harder it sticks and if you can pry off the dark little bumps, a brown stain often remains. Scrubbing and scraping with strong chemical cleaners is time-consuming and can scratch and damage the paint.
  • Stone Chips – Visit our Paintless Dent Repair or Paint Touch-up section for more information.
  • Paint Transfer & Dents – Visit our PDR or Paint Touch-up section for more information.
  • Mulberry/Red Berry Stains – Berries can permanently stain the paint finish of your vehicle if they fall directly on the paint or if berry eating birds deposit droppings on your car. Berries can also cause ant infestation inside your car as ants are attracted to the sugar and feed on the decomposing berries