What is Opti-Coat

Opti-Coat is a cermatic coating—a hand-applied clear coat layer—that not only protects the exterior paint, plastic, and even wheels of your vehicle, but will also last longer than other conventional waxes or sealants on the market because it is permanent.

Once applied Opti-Coat can only be removed by machine polishing or sanding, plus it is resistant to detergents and solvents so it will continue to provide protection throughout the life of your vehicle. You can find additional technical information at the Optimum Car Care website.

Optimum Car Care: Opti-Coat Pro Manufacturer Technical Information

There are two products available:

Opti-Coat 2.0: The retail version. It is readily available to the public.

Opti-Coat Pro: Significantly more durable than 2.0. It is available to select professional detailers.

Car Pool Detail is the only Opti-Coat installer in Henrico

How is it Applied?

Applying Opti-Coat is a straightforward, three-step process. It should be applied using gloves to prevent contact with foreign oils, and done indoors to avoid direct exposure to sunlight, dust, and water both during application and curing.

1. Assess Defects & Contamination

Even brand new vehicles can have swirls, scratches, and water spotting. Since the coating is permanent, any defects and contaminating materials must be removed prior to application. We use strong lighting in order to spot them all.

2. Remove Defects & Contaminations

Remove any defects and polishing oils. This is necessary for the coating to stick properly to the surface.

3. Apply Opti-Coat

A layer of Opti-Coat is applied, restoring clear-coat thickness and providing superior, permanent protection. Again, wear gloves to prevent contact with your skin, which can transfer foreign oils.

Once the process is complete the surface will dry within 30 minutes. After 12 hours it will be fully resistant to water and can be driven as normal, and will continue to harden over the next 30 days.