Interior Car Detailing

We Clean Automotive Interiors To Look Brand New!

The interior of your vehicle is subjected to constant wear and tear as we conduct business, travel, eat, and transport friends and family inside its doors. The carpeting, upholstery, and vinyl and leather surfaces all trap dust, dirt, food particles, grease, body oils, animal hair, mud, and tar – all which stain and degrade the textile fibers – and these are just the things you can see! Invisible to the eye are contaminants, germs, mold, and odors that result from ample living, creating an unhealthy and unclean environment.

Beginning with a thorough inspection to identify problem areas, we take a number of factors into consideration when assessing a customized interior detailing:

  • The type and age of the vehicle
  • The condition of all the interior surfaces like the console, gauges, chrome, wood finish
  • The type, composite, and wearing, cracking or damage to upholstery such as leather, vinyl, and fabric.
  • The headliner
  • The seat belts
  • The carpeting
  • The extent of stains and where they are on the carpeting and interior
  • The source for odors

These factors help determine how much time, which processes are required, and the tools and chemicals needed to effectively clean and condition the interior. This includes a thorough cleaning, sanitizing, and conditioning of all interior components and materials including headliner, dash, console, seats, floor-mats, carpets, map pockets, cup holders, vents, switches, and buttons. When you get your vehicle back, it will smell fresh, clean, dry and spotless!

5 Programs for 5 Types of Cars.

  • Express-Plus Interior - A great detailing maintenance program, the Express-Plus Interior service is designed for the person in a hurry, who keeps their vehicle in top notch condition but just requires periodic touch-ups for normal soiling. Your vehicle must be odor and stain free to qualify for this service as it is not a substitute when your vehicle needs deep cleaning!
  • The Daily-Driver - As a result of daily driving, the vehicle has normal soiling, light stains, and slight body odors.
  • Restorative Interior Detailing - Usually recommended for older cars that have minor neglect, food spills, animal odors and pet hair, severe stains, etc.
  • Concours Interior Detailing - The Concours service is for the discerning auto enthusiast and owner of an exotic, classic, or vintage automobile; and in need of preparation for a car show and competition
  • Remediation Interior Detailing - Never say die! If your vehicle has been through a catastrophic event such as flooding, a severe accident, or suffers from malodorous odors or extreme filth, Car Pool Detail will surprise you!

Typical Interior Detailing Process

  • Secure customer personals (loose change, sunglasses, pens, notepads, etc.) in Zip Loc bags and set aside.
  • Remove floor mats from interior. Vacuum and pre-treat for stains. Agitate carpet and mats to bring soil from the base of fibers to the top. Inject high temperature water to shampoo and rinse carpet. Dry Carpet and and re-insert dry mats in vehicle. A deeper-than-average car carpet cleaning.
  • Using compressed air, we blow dust from vents, console, and dash. We blow under and between seats, across upholstery seams, into crevices and hard to reach places; between seat cushions, into map pockets and cockpit switches and controls; steering wheel gaps; trim pieces and anywhere fingers cannot clean. Finally we vacuum out resulting dust and dirt.
  • Clean headliner stains.
  • Clean upper trim parts (upper seat belt anchors, plastic pillar facades) with appropriate cleaners and de-greasers.
  • Clean leather seats and head rests with appropriate brushes and cleaners. Clean deep in seams, creases, along piping, cup holders, and in map pockets. Apply leather conditioner when dry.
  • Pre-treat upholstery seats for stains and shampoo, rinse, and dry cloth seats.
  • Clean lower trim parts (door sills, lower seat sections, foot wells, door panels, map pockets, ash trays, door handles, door pulls, windows switches) with appropriate cleaners and de-greasers.
  • Scrub clutch, brake, and gas pedals clean with appropriate cleaners and de-greasers.
  • Return customer’s personal items to car.

Additional Services

  • Fabric Stain Repellent – We can apply fabric repellent that are designed to protect fabric, carpet and mats with increased protection from water, oil, and dry soils. Spills “pool up,” giving you a chance to wipe them dry before they are absorbed and become permanent stains.
  • Ask about Green Guard The World’s 1st Approved Green Carpet Upholstery Protector - Green Guard is non-toxic, skin friendly, biodegradable and has no fragrance.
  • Leather Protection – Leather protectants helps preserve your vehicle’s leather and vinyl upholstery. Extreme temperatures and U.V. rays cause drying, premature aging and cracking. Leather protectants are designed to help to keep the leather soft and prevent it from fading and drying out.


The price for our detailing services is based on the size, age, condition and requirements of each vehicle.

We invite you to bring your vehicle to us for a complete complimentary evaluation – no appointment necessary. We will make recommendations and give you pricing options. We will show you vehicles we are detailing so you can see first-hand the quality of our work.

You will be amazed at the dramatic change in the appearance of your vehicle after it spends time with us! More importantly, you will know what to expect.