Headlight Restoration

A Brighter Road Ahead With Clear Headlights

Visibility is extremely important while driving at night or through heavy rain or snow. If your headlights are foggy or turning yellow, the beam of light cannot illuminate the road ahead and it decreases your seeing distance while driving.

Car Pool Detail Certified Technicians can restore the clarity of the lenses to maximize headlight output distance at a fraction of the cost of new lights. You’ll be much safer driving especially during the dark days of winter.

Made from polycarbonate, an impact resistant and bulletproof form of glass that is malleable enough to mold headlights into an aerodynamic design, your headlights are also resistant to flying rocks and road debris. Although they are coated with a UV cured hard coat, they are still susceptible to pitting, scratches and degradation when exposed to sunlight. Once damaged, 80% of the light beam traps inside the lens, causing yellowing that dulls your headlights and makes night driving particularly dangerous.

Eighty-five percent of headlights can be repaired to look brand new. Car Pool Detail technicians are certified in the professional repair of hazy and yellowed headlights, that provide brighter light and safer night driving. If your headlight is cracked or hazed from the inside out, it will require replacement.

Our Process

  • Clean lens
  • Wetsand with coarse sandpaper - Removes deepest damage.
  • Wetsand with medium sandpaper - Removes sanding marks of coarse sandpaper.
  • Wetsand with fine sandpaper - Removes light damage and hazing.
  • Polish - We use a plastic polish specifically for polycarbonate lenses.
  • Seal - Apply ReNuLite™ UV sealant.

Time required: 60 minutes for both headlights.