FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions

Car Pool Detail FAQs

What is professional Detailing?

Professional detailing is customized cleaning and restoration service designed to produce a meticulously clean vehicle with a brilliant shine and immaculate interior; free from stains, residue, dirt, or contamination of any kind.
Professional detailing is not to be confused with a car wash, wash and wax, or express detailing. While those services serve their purposes in the market place, professional detailing is a much more meticulous, thorough, and customized service.
Professional detailing services are not “one size fits all”. They begin with an inspection of the vehicle to determine the best course of action to bring the vehicle as close to perfection as possible. No two vehicles are the same or require the same exact detailing process.
Professional Detailer’s customize their services to each individual vehicle based on the condition and individual needs of the vehicle.

How much does detailing cost?

The cost of detailing varies according to a number of factors like size, age, condition, and requirements of each vehicle. It is imprudent to quote a flat fee for detailing. We need to see your vehicle in order to give you an estimate. If you maintain your vehicle on an ongoing basis, the cost of detailing will be much lower than if you rarely clean your auto mobile.
We encourage you to bring in your vehicle for a complete complementary evaluation. No appointment is necessary for the evaluation. We will make recommendations and give you pricing options; and we will show you vehicles we are currently detailing so you can see first-hand the quality of our work.

Why can’t you quote me a price on the phone?

Many detailing establishments will readily give a quote over the phone, only to raise the price once they see the actual level of difficulty, or provide inferior service that is less than you actually expected. The best we can do is a range estimate. There are many contributing factors to determining the scope and length of time required to do excellent work. We will give you a written estimate prior to performing any work.

How do I get an estimate?

The best way to get an estimate is to come by our shop so we can assess the damage. We can usually have a quote in about 10 minutes.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes. Typically, we can get your car in for service within 24-48 hours with an appointment; but we do offer emergency appointments.

How long does a custom detail take?

A custom detail will take 4 -8 hours. Vehicles in poor condition may require additional time. Dropping off your vehicle in the morning and picking it up late in the afternoon is ideal.

Do you offer pickup and delivery service?

Yes. Pickup and delivery varies from $25 – $85 depending on your distance from our shop.

Do you offer rental cars?

Yes. Car Pool Detail has a partnership with Enterprise Car Rentals, located just 2 miles from our shop. The special Car Pool Detail customer rate is $35 per day. Enterprise picks you up at our shop and takes you to their offices where you are provided a car. At the end of the day, Enterprise will deliver you to our office. Allow 25 minutes for the checkout/check in process in the morning and evening.

Are you a licensed detailer?

Yes. Car Pool Detail has been licensed for over 30 years within our respective jurisdiction.

Do you carry liability insurance?


Do you guarantee your work?

Car Pool Detail offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, we will either re-detail your vehicle for free or refund your money!

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, and debit cards with the Visa logo.

What are your hours?

Our business hours are 8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. We are closed on Sundays.

Isn’t my used car always going to look used?

You will be amazed at the transformation your used vehicle can go through with a thorough Car Pool Detailing session. Everything from the interior to the exterior can be cleaned to give it the shine of a new vehicle. Look through our website at our “Before” and “After” pictures. These are real examples of the difference a professional detailing job can make in your older model vehicle.

How long does a hand wash take?

A hand wash can take 45 minutes to hour for an average size vehicle. Vehicles that have not been washed frequently will require more time.

What is Paint Contamination?

Paint contamination describes any material that attaches itself to the paint and cannot be removed by normal washing methods. Paint contamination most commonly consists of shavings from rail dust, brake dust, tree sap, road tar, artillery fungus, mulberry stains and industrial fallout. These contaminants affects all paint finishes and will cause damage to the paint if left untreated. Paint contamination can be felt as a “rough, sticky or gritty” texture on the paint’s surface and can appear as tiny rust spots, dots or stains. This contamination can not be removed by normal washing or waxing.

What is acid rain?

Acid rain, or “environmental fallout”, is airborne moisture like fog, mist, dust, smoke, and snow, contaminated with high levels of nitric and sulfuric acids. Caused naturally from natural disasters like volcanoes, acid rain is also caused from fossil fuel combustion. When these acidic compounds are deposited on your vehicle, it leaves etched marks on the horizontal surfaces of your car like the hood, top, and rear trunk, usually after the drops have dried. Untreated, it will eat away at the paint on your vehicle.

What is a Clear Coat?

Thin as saran wrap, clear-coat is the outer protective layer of your paint finish. It has very little if any color pigmentation, but is loaded with UV blockers that provide depth and gloss to your automotive finish and protects the base coat from weather and harmful UV rays.

Do all cars have a clear coat?

Not all cars have what is traditionally referred to as a “clear coat”, but all cars do have some sort of enamel to protect them from oxidizing and fading. Ninety-five percent of automobiles sold in North America today have two-stage paint, which means they come from the manufacturer with a clear coat.

Why is my clear coat so important?

Your clear coat is important because it protects the pigmented paint underneath from oxidizing and fading. It determines how much luster and gloss your paint has. Unfortunately, clear coats are “scratch sensitive” which means they scratch easily and as light reflects through this clear layer of paint it highlights the scratches, making them more visible.

Can you remove clear coat scratches by buffing?

We can remove most surface scratches. Scratches that are deep enough to penetrate the clear coat and into the pigmented paint or the metal cannot be removed safely by buffing. Some deep scratches can be cosmetically enhanced with touch up paint.

What is the difference between removing and filling swirls and scratches?

The difference between removing and filling defects is the difference between eliminating a problem, and hiding it. Filling is a temporary solution that must be repeated often to maintain the appearance of the paint.

Is it true my clear coat doesn’t need to be waxed?

Absolutely, that is not true. A clear coat is paint just like any other paint. If left unprotected, over time a neglected clear coat will look hazy and dull because it will be covered in exposure to the sun’s UV rays, fine scratches, water spots, acid rain, acidic bird droppings, etc. can destroy the coating. fine

What is in tree sap that causes it to damage my paint?

Made of water, hormones, minerals, nutrients, and sugar, these elements eat through your clear coast to etch the paint, and can be difficult to remove when hardened. Car Pool Detail technicians use special chemicals to remove sap residue that will not harm your paint surface.

Can all dents be removed?

Not all dents can be removed. Some dents have stretched the metal too far, and others are not accessible with PDR tools. If your dent runs along double-stamped steel, or along the vehicle’s contours and factory-created creases, Car Pool Detail may not be able to repair them because these areas on your car cannot be duplicated.

Can you repair a dent with some paint damage as well?

Yes. For a perfect finish, we will have to repaint the entire panel, but in most cases, we can greatly improve the paint damage with color-matching touchup paint.

How long does a bumper repair take?

Bumper repair can take up to 48 hours, depending on the severity of the damage.

Do I need to wait while my bumper cures?

Your bumper is cured when you leave our shop. We use an infrared lamp to cure your clear coat as our last repair step.

If I have paint issues, will the color match?

Yes. We mix our paint based on the code and formula provided by your car manufacturer.

Will there be any evidence of bumper damage once it is fixed?

No. Only a body or paint technician looking closely at the damage could detect a bumper repair.

If I have Car Pool Detail do paint touch up, will the paint match?

Door nicks, rock chips, key scratches, etc., we can match your paint and make it look like new. We mix your paint to the hundredth of a gram, per your manufacturer’s formula.

Will the touch-up paint wash away?

No. Car Pool Detail uses real automotive paint, which is permanent and will not wash, chip, or fade away.

Can you touch up key marks?

Sometimes. Most vandalism damage is in the clear-coat and will buff out. In some areas, the scratches have actually removed the base-coat (the colored paint beneath your outer clear paint). We can touch them up with a small amount of paint, but if the damage is exceptionally deep (exposed metal) or long (3 inches or longer), the repair will certainly be visible from close distances.

Can you touch up road chips, nicks and bumper scratches?


Are your repairs invisible?

Paint correction is not visible from close distances of 6 inches or less. Most paint touch ups can be spotted up close, but from normal viewing distances, we can improve your minor paint damage for a small fraction of what a repaint would cost.

How long does paint touch-up take?

Paint touch-up usually can take from 30 minutes up to 2 hours hours.

Why should I repair my chipped windshield?

Windshield repair restores the structural integrity of your original factory-installed windshield; it looks better; and it is much more cost-effective and faster than replacement. Many insurance companies pay for the entire service.

Do you repair windshield splits and cracks?

No. Car Pool Detail repairs windshield chips smaller than a quarter.

Will my windshield chip disappear completely after repair?

Whether you will be able to tell your windshield has been repaired depends on the age, depth, and width of the chip. Some chips can be improved 60%; others go away completely.

How long does each windshield repair take?

Windshield repair generally takes between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the number of chips and severity of the damage.