Exterior Car Detailing

Down to the Details!

Detailing the exterior of your vehicle is just what the word says…detailing. This is not a quick wash or wax service. Car Pool Detail gets down to the details of your exterior to make it shine. Licensed and insured for over 30 years, Car Pool Detail offers different levels of exterior detailing, depending upon the age and upkeep of your vehicle.

Trust us – there is very little we haven’t seen, but we can still surprise you! Even the worst-case scenarios can come out shining like new, and if your car isn’t in too bad shape, we can make the exterior of your auto mobile glisten like it did the day you drove it off the showroom floor!

The goal of an Exterior Detailing job on your vehicle is to:

  • Bring out the maximum shine and luster of the paint finish.
  • Remove or minimize (not hide) light surface scratches and imperfections.
  • Apply a protective paint sealant.
  • Meticulously clean, revitalize, and protect every inch of the exterior surface, including the trim, glass, wheels, door jambs, fender-wells and tires.

Except for our “While-you-wait” Express-Plus Detail service, we prefer you make an appointment. Most of the time we can service your vehicle in 24 hours, but more extreme cases may take 48 hours. We also accept emergency appointments and you can also drop off your auto mobile the evening before and pick it up after hours through out Key-Drop Service.

Which Level of Exterior Detailing Does Your Car Need?

Option 1: Express Plus Exterior Detailing

Express-Plus Exterior Detailing is a “while-you-wait” service. We get you in, out, and on your way as soon as possible. The average Express-Plus Exterior Detail takes between 1 to 3 hours, depending on the size of your vehicle. It is designed for the busy, on-the-go auto enthusiast who doesn’t need a full detail and can’t give up their car for an entire day. Express-Plus is recommended for newer model vehicles without paint defects such as oxidation and surface scratching.

The Express-Plus Exterior Detail package has the option of an Express-Plus Interior Detailing as well. Like the Express Exterior Package, Express Interior is for newer cars in very good to excellent condition. Visit our Interior Detailing section for more details

The Express Plus Exterior Detailing package includes:

  • Car wash by hand.
  • Cleaning the face of rims and fender-wells.
  • Removing minor bug and tar residue.
  • Claying the paint surface to remove impurities, leaving a smooth finish.
  • Applying premium quality carnauba wax to fully protect and maintain the finish.
  • Upgrading to a premium longer-lasting quality polymer sealant to fully protect and maintain the finish (optional).
  • Cleaning door jambs.
  • Dressing the tires.
  • Cleaning glass to a crystal clear shine.

**Note: Surface repair like machine buffing, scratch removal, oxidation removal, paint correction or heavy contamination removal, heavy bug deposits, mildew on paint, dirty jambs clogged with leaves, excessive brake dust on rims are not included in the Express package. Vehicles must qualify for this service as it is not a substitute for Custom Detailing. See our service listing below for additional services not covered in this package.

Option 2: Custom Exterior Detailing

Custom Exterior Detailing goes beyond a superficial shine. Our experienced, highly trained technicians assess every inch of your automobile from bumper to bumper, making sure even areas invisible to the eye are thoroughly cleaned, polished, and protected. This assessment determines the amount of time we need (usually 4-8 hours), what technical process we use, and the type of chemicals and tools that are required to fix the problems. You may have heard this service referred to as “paint correction.”

Each Custom Exterior Detail includes:

  • A thorough evaluation of the condition of your paint finish including an analysis of the paint type and thickness
  • An inspection of current and previous damage like paint cracking, peeling, flaking, delamination, or after-market repainting
  • An analysis of oxidation, weathering, staining, water spots, damage from acid rain, industrial fall out, etching from bird droppings, scratches, over-spraying of paint, rust, micro scratches, orange peel, swirl and bar marks, and bonded contaminants
  • Condition of exterior plastics, rubber trim, chrome, and glass
  • Any special preparation that is required

Option 3: Restorative Detailing

Restorative Detailing is necessary for severely neglected vehicles, automobiles that have been parked unused, poorly maintained, or have been through a catastrophic event. Car Pool Detail technicians follow the same guidelines as in the Custom Exterior Detailing to assess the severity and appropriate approach to correcting the same issues. Restorative services include corrective procedures for severe paint problems.

Option 4: Concours Detailing

Concours Paint Correction Detailing is suited for the discerning auto enthusiast with a classic, vintage, or exotic automobile who wants to have the paint surface polished to perfection or prepared for a car show and Concours d’ Elegance competition.

Our Process

  • Hand Wash – Using the softest microfiber towels and pH neutral “finish friendly” car wash soap, Car Pool Detail hand-washes the surface to remove dirt and environmental contaminants.
  • Door Jambs, Wheel Wells, Rims, Exhaust Pipes and Tire Cleaning – Car Pool Detail removes impacted brake dust and dirt build-up in crevices and rubber trim. We polish, paint, and clear coat all chrome or metal surfaces including exhaust pipes. We then pressure wash and scrub the tires, white walls, wheel wells, mud-guards, and rocker panels.
  • Vinyl or Fabric Top Wash and Protection – We use special cleaning procedures to clean vinyl, fabric and white convertible tops. We also apply protection products to repel water from both vinyl and fabric tops.
  • Paint Finish Pre-Cleaning – Remove tree sap, road tar, insect fluids, industrial fall out, and contaminants not removed during the wash phase, using appropriate products. We will also remove bumper stickers and decals upon request.
  • Taping Trim – Masking all black or chrome trim pieces for protection during the detailing process.
  • Clay Bar – Car Pool Detail technicians hand clay bar the paint finish to remove embedded contaminants, leaving the paint a silky smooth finish
  • Paint Compounding, Polishing or Jeweling - Depending on the service selected we will use different procedure for removing and minimizing paint imperfections, cloudiness, oxidation, scratches, spider-webbing, etc., Car Pool Detail restores your paint to a smooth, brilliant gloss, free of swirl marks.
  • Coating, Polymer (Sealant) or Carnauba Wax – Applied to enhance brilliance and provide a protective layer to the paint surface, Car Pool Detail recommends a Coating for a longer lasting paint protection. We also provide Sealants and Waxing. Coatings are hard wearing, ceramic clear coat that provide superior resistance to scratching and protection from chemical etching due to environmental impacts. Coatings are hydrophobic in nature and offer better chemical resistance and surface marring.Sealants are an evolution of automotive wax technology. They provide longer lasting protection, can withstand greater temperatures without fracturing, contain UV blockers and amino functional resins which cross-link forming a protective barrier over the paint surface that is more durable than a wax.
  • Hard-To-Get-To Surfaces – Some areas of your automobile are difficult to clean thoroughly. Car Pool Detail technicians dig down into the cracks, crevices, between panels, into the rubber trim, front grill, around logos and emblems, around the fuel door, key holes, wiper blades, door handles, and the antennae.
  • Exterior Glass, Plastic, and Mirrors – Car Pool Detail cleans glass and mirrors until they are crystal clear, and polishes plastic, chrome, and trim, to a shine.
  • Exterior Protective UV Dressing - Treated with a protective rubber and plastic UV protective dressing, faded plastic bumpers (Visit our Bumper Repair page for more information), rubber seals, molding, and tires are restored to their natural luster. A UV protective water-repellent dressing makes your fabric convertible tops good as new.

Special Exterior Services

  • Engine Detailing – Visit our Engine & Undercarriage section for more information.
  • Air Intake Plenum Cleaning – Located under the front wind shield and covered by a mesh screen that covers the air intake channel leading into the car’s interior, over time, leaves and debris accumulate under the plenum, blocking drain holes. This trapped debris is a breeding ground for dampness causing mold and mildew. Musty odors enter your compartment through this ventilation system. Car Pool Detail clears away any debris causing this problem.
  • Sunroof Weep Hole Cleaning -Located at the four corners of your sun-roof, over time, leaves, twigs and debris clog these weep holes (drain holes) causing water to leak into the passenger cabin, resulting in mold and mildew damage.
  • Undercarriage Pressure Washing – We high pressure wash the undercarriage to remove dirt and road salt. Visit our Engine & Undercarriage section for more information.
  • Overspray removal – Car Pool Detail removes industrial fallout, latex paint, roofing material, sap, pollen, etc.
  • Paint Touch-up – Visit our Paint Touch-up section for more information.
  • Paintless Dent Repair – Visit our PDR section for more information.
  • Bumper Repair – Visit our Bumper Repair section for more information.
  • Door Edge Guards – Door edge guards protect against door chips.
  • Headlight Polishing – Visit our Headlight Restoration section for more information.
  • Glass Chip Repair – Visit our Windshield Repair section for more information.
  • Trim Repainting – Car Pool Detail can repaint any faded or damaged exterior trim.