Clear Bra

Dare To Go Without A Bra?

Invisible, permanent protection from rock chips.

Discard traditional leather or vinyl bras that are big, bulky, unattractive, and trap water underneath, sometimes causing more damage than they do good. Instead, invest in a Clear Bra. It offers invisible protection for the front bumper, grill, headlights, hood, fenders, and side mirrors of your car against stone chips and other dangerous road debris that can ruin your car’s paint!

A Clear Bra is transparent, durable, protective film made from urethane laminate, barely visible on the front of your vehicle, and deflects flying road debris when it comes into contact with the paint surface of your vehicle. The film does not not harm, alter, or detract from the original paint finish.

When left unprotected, front end damage caused from paint chips and road debris not only rusts and diminishes the value of the vehicle, but also causes an unsightly appearance. Furthermore, Clear Bra covers areas prone to bug splatter, which spread digestive acids that etch and stain your vehicle’s paint finish.

Experienced at installing clear bras for both car dealers and car owners, Car Pool Detail guarantees our work is free from flaws, delamination, and bubbles; and promises competitive pricing with any quality installer in the Richmond area!