Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo

Car Pool Detail Agitates Dirt Right Outta There!

Car Pool Detail uses professional rotary air brushes and low moisture/high pressure >hot water extraction machines to agitate the dirt out of your carpets and upholstery – but why use such extreme measures? Dirt is ground down into the textile fibers. It must be loosened and pulled out rather than drenched with soap and water, which only leaves behind the dirt, plus moisture, which causes even more problems.

So that we can provide the best results for your Customized Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo Service, Car Pool Detail professional technicians:

  • Inspect and Identify – We begin with a thorough inspection of your carpet and upholstery to identify the scope of work involved: What types of stains are we removing? Are they hard to treat like coffee,colas and tea, or more difficult like red juices,curry and wine? What materials are we dealing with and what chemical solution will be most effective?
  • Seek the Source of Odors – Caused by bacteria, odors cannot be eliminated by shampooing or spraying a deodorizer – in fact, water only expands the infected area and feeds the bacteria’s growth, making it worse. Car Pool Detail Technicians are certified in scientific odor control methods, and mold and mildew removal.
  • Purge – We first use compressed air to blow debris and dust from seams, piping, stitching, map-pockets, crevices, between and beneath seats. We then vacuum thoroughly to remove dirt, debris, sand and animal hair.
  • Treat and Kill Bacteria – Using enzymes, we kill bacteria and abate mild odors while using a stronger process for extreme odors.
  • Loosen the Grime – By applying cleaning agents and pre-spotters on stains, we mechanically loosen soil and lift it from the base of the fibers.
  • Pull out the Big Guns! – Car Pool Detail uses powerful, deep cleaning extraction machines with emulsifying detergent shampoo and hot water that injects deeply into the soiled fibers. The machine then sucks up all the hot water carrying with it, the grime, grease, salt and dirt. Capable of recovering up to 50% more grime than traditional extraction tools, the CFR Carpet Cleaning with Moisture-Controlled Wand Technology ensures moisture never saturates the carpet or upholstery.
  • Rinse – We remove any chemical residue, leaving a clean, fresh-smelling upholstery and carpeting.

Additional Services

  • Stain Removal – Red dye, excessive coffee, cola spills/explosions, crayon, ink, lipstick, wax, paint, and wine spills can be completely removed or greatly improved for additional fees.
  • Fabric Stain Repellant – We can apply fabric repellent that are designed to protect fabric and carpet with increased protection from water, oil, and dry soils. Spills “pool up,” giving you a chance to wipe them dry before they are absorbed.

No Limits!

If you’re thinking your vehicle is beyond hope, consider that our technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC). Although it may require some additional work or the replacement of parts, Car Pool Detail technicians can clean everything from the most basic daily dirt, to gross filth:

  • Water leakage and flood damage.
  • Spilled milk and a variety of other liquid spills.
  • Animal urine and various other animal odors.
  • Tobacco and cigarette residue and damage.
  • Spilled paint and gasoline.
  • Fire and smoke damage.
  • Vomit (requiring biohazard cleaning).
  • Specialty fabrics such as Castano, King Ranch leather, Sport, Escaine and Ultra Suede.

More About CFR Technology

CFR incorporates moisture-controlled atomization technology within a hand-held extraction wand to provide another way to control and minimize water that comes in contact with the carpet. A Rapid Recovery Atomization process occurring within the wand works like an agitator, deep-cleaning the fibers without damaging the carpet, and leaving carpets and backing far less saturated so they can dry completely. CFR produces truly thorough auto carpet cleaning.